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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and built on both sides of the River Nile. Cairo is a historical city and a thriving metropolis. Midan Tahrir is the central area of Cairo is Garden City an upmarket suburb close to the city centre and Midan Ramses the area around the railway station.

Cairo ("el Qaheera" in Arabic) is not just the capital city of Egypt, it's also the industrial and commercial heart of this gateway country which lies at the junction of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Though by western standards Egypt and Cairo might seem alien, the country as a whole and Cairo in particular is cosmopolitan by the standards of its eastern, western and southern neighbours.

Women walk the streets without veils if they choose, despite its predominantly Muslim population, own cars and have jobs.

Coptic (eastern orthodox Christian) churches mingle with Arabic neighbourhoods, nestling up against coffee shops, between mosques, and overlooking parks, highways and - to the north of the city - agricultural areas fertilised since time immemorial by the fertile waters of the Nile.

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You could stay at a beautiful eco-village beachside resort from where you can take day trips out to the Marine Park Reserve, a local off-shore reef where you can go swimming with dolphins.

For the traveller, Cairo is a daunting city at first - the hustle, bustle and sheer noise starts the moment you arrive into the notoriously confusing Cairo Airport and step out onto a street filled with taxi and minibus drivers plying their trade and offering you ‘bargain' rides to wherever you wish to go.

However, with a bit of perseverance (and a few words of Arabic, if you have time to learn them) you'll find that part of the reason everything seems so chaotic is that effectively, there is no system for anything, and everything can be arranged for a small fee. In fact, it's only relatively recently that Egyptian Arabic gained ways of making appointments... not so long ago, schedules consisted of "now", "later", “tomorrow” or "after tomorrow" - the latter a phrase you'll still hear a lot to indicate anything from two days to two years in the future. There are some excellent Cairo hotels that offer good value.

It's a large city with a population of between 7 and 8 million in the city itself and a metropolitan area including some 18 million people puts it firmly in the top 20 of the world's most populated metropolitan areas ahead of London and Beijing.

With such a large population it's no surprise that Cairo offers a huge range of attractions – from the famous Pyramids of Giza to the Egyptian Museum, from opera houses to 14 th century markets still hawking their wares, there's something for everyone.

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Egypt, as everyone says, is the Mother of the World "Um El-Donya" and its a very beautiful and historical country.

The capital city of Egypt is Cairo! The official name is Al-Qahira. It’s one of the largest cities in Africa as well as Middle East and it’s the thirteenth biggest city of the world. Cairo is located on the banks of the Nile River in the North of Egypt. Cairo becamse famous with the history that is shown in the Islamic City and Old Cairo and for the Pharoanic monuments and their history.

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You must visit the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx to see the history. And many of the monuments found are located in the Egyptian Musuem.

If you go to the Egyptian Museum before going to the sites and , it will help more to find your way around and have a better understanding of the Egyptian history.

Cairo still holds on to their old traditions but that doesn't stop it from being a modern and opened society. There are many activities to do and lot of ideas for entertainment as well. You have many places to go and have fun in the open air, lots of outdoors activities and nothing better than the night life in Egypt.

Islamic Cairo consists of the Citadel, Khan el Khalili; mosques and medieval architecture. Old Cairo which includes Coptic Cairo and Fustat is in the southern part of Cairo. Gezira is on the southern part of the main island in the Nile; Zamalek is in the northern part of the main Nile island. Giza is on the way to the pyramids. Heliopolis and Nasr City are residential areas close to Cairo International Airport.

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